Hear and See the Results for Yourself

Nothing is more convincing than seeing and feeling for yourself. Below are a few testimonials from our Westside members. Whether you want to train to become a professional fighter or just physically stay in shape like a professional fighter, Westside can offer you a unique and effective physical training program. Kids and families are encouraged to check out our family friendly facilities that help make physical fitness a group venture and part of a healthy lifestyle. Read the testimonials below and soon you may have one of your own on this site!

"After training in MMA since 2010 I have finally found my home gym. The techniques taught and the charisma and characteristics of the people that train everyday beats any other place hands down. The vibe you get as soon as you walk through the doors will reassure your decision of the right place to pour in your hard effort, sweat and tears. After every class you are guaranteed leaving the mats feeling like a better more accomplished person than you were before stepping foot upon them. The love that carries over outside of the mats into your everyday life where you make not only new friends but also inherit a new family. The level of respect and appreciation these brothers and sisters share for one another is truly a showcase for MMA"
--Raven Neeley

"Whether you are just looking for a good workout with friendly, motivating people or you are looking for a gym to push you to your competitive limits, Westside is the place to go! Everyone is extremely friendly and inviting and there is a wide variety of different classes to try out every day of the week. You will not only improve your physical fitness, but you will gain an amazing social network of wonderful people from all walks of life who encourage you to keep pushing yourself. I've never regretted joining this gym and I have never regretted going to a class there. It's top quality without a doubt!"
--Casey Parker

"I signed up for a cliché New Years resolution and WOW!! I am really liking the Kickboxing. I hit the morning classes sometimes but mostly do the 6:00 kickboxing. I really like that they have Borris and Matt both teaching so that as a beginner, I don't feel overwhelmed. Since it's a lot of fun and I want to learn self defense, I will DEFINITELY be sticking with this work out. Haven't been bored yet!"
--Brittany Thomason

"Was traveling through Little Rock and stopped by. Not only did Roli teach a great jiu jitsu class, the students at Westside were very welcoming and made me feel at home immediately. I couldn't recommend another place to train jiu jitsu or any other martial art. This place is it if you are in Little Rock!"
--Brian Chang

"I've been training with Matt and Roli since my first fight over 6 years ago and continue to learn new stuff every time I go to class which is why I travel over 1 hour one way to train with them several days a week. There are no better BJJ or MMA instructors in the state and the facility is one of the best training centers I've ever seen. If you like training hard and having fun at the same time, look no further than Westside Kickboxing and BJJ, and become part of the family."
--Professional MMA Fighter, Dr. Seth Kleinbeck

"Westside leaves no doubt that it is the best venue for intensive and effective training for Juijitsu, Kickboxing and MMA enthusiasts as revealed in the numerous successful endeavors of its coaches and its students. However, it must not remain unsaid that Westside offers way beyond the leaps and bounds of good martial arts training.

Our family of five, all enrolled in the various training programs that Westside offers, acquired friends who have been role models for our three sons. The people that manage and teach classes at Westside are tough and fit beings with brilliant characters who have managed to play a vital part in the character formation of our children. For instance, the camaraderie and success of the “Sniff Brothers” has served as an inspiration for my sons who once mumbled, “years from now, we will be the next Sniff Brothers.” In the last NAGA competition, Hillary Williams came up to us to offer her professional advice and express her concern when our youngest son, Vangel was trying to cut weight for his division. My son felt so special that someone of Hillary’s stature in the sport would take time out to check on him. Jason grapples and coaches the boys every time he gets a chance – not because he has to but because he wants to. Justin Rice the boys’ regular training coach consistently gives my boys invaluable support. They look up to him so much that they take time out to watch his previous bouts and emulate his techniques. Last but not the least, apart from the valuable training that Matt and Roli impart, they have been the consistent source of priceless words of encouragement that has built the confidence of our children.

During competitions, my sons depend on the Westside team that showers them with the support and attention that we as their parent are not equipped to give at competitions. At those times, Westside takes the lead role in guiding our children, and we confidently sit back knowing that they are in competent and caring hands.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child; I say, Westside MMA has been a semblance of a village that has helped us raise our sons thus far. They may or may not pursue a professional fighting career; nonetheless, I know that the training, experience and values that Westside has imparted and will continue to impart will make my children what they will be as adults. By the way, have I mentioned that my children rake medals whenever they compete? That’s all because Westside rocks!"
--Benz and Marie Mendillo

"Westside MMA has provided a fabulous workout, as well as self confidence enhancing curriculum for my daughter, nephew, and myself. The parent’slounge is an inviting and comfortable area to wait and or view your child’s class Lastly the instructors have all been awesome! Matt, Roli, Hillary, & Kevin all help each child achieve their best!"
--Jessica Pope

"Westside MMA has changed my lifestyle for the best. The kickboxing class has given me a chance to improve my well being and I am really enjoying the extra energy that I have throughout the day! Working out isn’t the chore that I once thought; and I am really glad that I overcame my fear of starting something new."
--Student, Jessica Manzano

"Westside MMA is a great place to train and workout! If you are not at Westside then you are no where!"
--Little Rock Police Officer, Kayward Jolly

"I am extremely impressed with Westside Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So much so, in fact, that I hardly know where to begin.

I originally came to Westside Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to enroll my sons in the kids’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class; however, after my wife and I watched the classes for a while, it became obvious that Matt Hamilton’s approach to martial arts instruction was both novel and effective and incredibly fun. So much fun, in fact, that we signed up, too.

Matt Hamilton is, quite simply, a gifted teacher, and nowhere is that more evident than when he is working with kids. He has an uncanny knack for keeping a pack of kids on task, focused, and learning while still letting them have fun and having fun with them.

Like most martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps shy kids gain self-confidence and more boisterous kids gain self-discipline, but, unlike other martial arts, it also teaches them true self-defense, i.e., techniques that actually work should they ever be needed.

The skills they learn are tested in live drills every class, and the knowledge that they know how to apply what they’ve learned gives them the confidence to stand unbowed in the face of both bullies and peer pressure.

As splendid as Matt is with kids, I am equally impressed with his ability to help adults, regardless of their fitness and skill levels, exceed their goals in both areas.

In just over eight weeks, I’ve lost 30 pounds and my blood pressure and heart rate have returned to healthy levels. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since my sons were born and expect that, under Matt’s guidance, I will continue on this path for years to come. Plus, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an awesome alternative to grinding away on a Stairmaster or punishing your joints on the pavement. Why? Because it’s fun!

While I couldn’t ask for more from Matt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for myself and my sons, my wife was more interested in Matt’s kickboxing classes. Now, she is in the best shape she’s been in since college.

Finally, Westside Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is affordable. There are no black belt clubs, weapons to be purchased, or “belt tests” every six weeks. In fact, our whole family trains with Matt for about what it would cost to enroll a single child in one of the martial arts chains in the area.

We love Westside Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…and you will, too!"
--Teacher/Attorney, Chris Nolen

"Our son has been taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Westside for over a year now and we can’t believe the transformation. We decided to enroll him because he really didn’t enjoy team sports and other athletic activities. Thanks to the excellent instructors at Westside, he has developed skills and techniques far beyond what we imagined. His progress has been amazing.

In this program, kids learn real defense skills in a safe environment. Unlike Tae Kwon Do or other forms of martial arts, Westside doesn't teach young kids how to "center themselves" or have them memorize patterns and routines. The techniques they learn here are realistic, and practical for life outside the gym. Other programs do frequent belt testing. Not only is this expensive for parents, it often gives kids a false sense of confidence. At Westside, they focus on teaching skills – not figuring out new ways to get money from parents.

And it's taught by guys named Matt and Roli. Not 'Sensei' or 'Master.'

With BJJ, kids can progress at their own rate. We love seeing his confidence and the smile on his face when he figures out a new grappling technique."
--Westside Parents, Scott and Anita Smith

"Almost 18 months ago I started working out here at Westside. Working close by,my supervisor saw a sign down the street "Kickboxing Beginners Welcome." My co-worker and i looked at each other and thought that it sounded like fun, so she called and talked to Matt and we set up a time to work out. After the first visit i felt like it was something i could possibly do for a while without getting bored. I had really never honestly gone more than a few month anywhere else. Matt told me that if i would give him a year it would make a life changing difference.

Looking back on the first few months, i can't imagine that i stuck with it, and him with me. I was so out of shape and with my chronic condition, it was hard to think that it would ever get better. Months and months have come and gone and so have the inches, although i haven't lost a lot of weight, I've gone down 3 dress sizes. But really more importantly i am a much happier person physically and emotionally. Ive had a couple of obstacles that have slowed me down, but i realize that i want to finish what i started. I may not get into that size 6 but I'm going to try my best.

Its been the greatest year and if i can help anyone understand what im feeling, and to inspire them, then its all been worth it. Matt has been such a wonderful friend and teacher, i don't know if i would even be here if it weren't for him...He is truly my lifesaver. If i can do this, to each and everyone reading this, you can too!"
--Donna Mitchum (56 yrs old)

"We were terrified that finding the right jiu-jitsu gym for our kids was going to be a huge, stressful ordeal since we were new to Little Rock and didn’t know anyone who could refer us to a good place. Not only did we want a gym with skilled and experienced instructors, but we also wanted a positive environment to help create our children’s competitive mentality. In Westside we found far more than we hoped to find. Not only did we discover outstanding coaches for our rambunctious little ones, but we also gained an extended family."
--Bonnie and Jay Sedgebeer

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