Regardless of how busy your schedule is, you can find time to hit one of our morning, noon or evening kickboxing classes.  You can see our schedule here and try any of these heart pounding beginner friendly classes.  A hard kickboxing class has been known to burn up to a 1000 calories in an hour and with the music pumping and our extraordinary coaches MMA pioneer Matt Hamilton and local legend Borris Washington, you will not drag yourself into the gym but have to drag yourself out!  We are so confident that you will enjoy the workout that we offer a free trial to everyone.  If you are worried about trying a group class first, schedule a free one on one introductory lesson!  Make no mistake, this is a real kickboxing class where you will learn how to defend yourself while having fun and getting into shape in a safe way.  Schedule your first lesson today by calling or email  501-663-3850