Billy Robinson (R.I.P.)

Coach Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson (born 1939) is a British professional wrestler and catch wrestling instructor. Robinson was well known in Japan where he has trained mixed martial arts fighters in catch wrestling. He is one of the few wrestlers who was successful in several continents (Europe, North America, Asia), winning titles in promotions nearly everywhere he wrestled.

As well as being one of the key influences on the shoot style movement, Robinson began training athletes in Catch Wrestling at the UWF Snake Pit in Japan. Robinson has contributed immensely in training several mixed martial arts legends including Kazushi Sakuraba and Josh Barnett. Currently, he trains up and coming fighters at Westside MMA.

Robinson was inducted into the International Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2003.

Coach Matt "The Pink Leprechaun" Hamilton

Coach Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton, a native Arkansan, got his start in Martial Arts instruction in 1991. He discovered Mixed Martial Arts in the mid-90s and excelled in the sport, becoming one of Arkansas’ first professional MMA Fighters. Matt has multiple MMA tournament wins including the 1999 MMA Amateur National Title (<155 lbs) and Dan Severn’s Danger Zone 135 lbs North American Title. Matt has fought along side UFC veterans in shows like AFC, SHOOTO, Superbrawl, & Extreme Challenge.

Matt is a first-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the first Arkansan to compete in ADCC, and coached the only Arkansan to ever medal in ADCC (Hillary Williams). Matt uses his versatile experience in his preparation with Westside’s Fight Team.

Aside from managing the day-to-day workings of the gym, Matt heads the kickboxing program and teaches and assists in the BJJ, Nogi, and Fight Team classes.

Rolando "The Crazy Cuban" Delgado

Coach Roli Delgado

Coach Roli Delgado is a veteran of the UFC and Bellator fighting championships is also a professional jiujitsu competitor.  Aside from his accomplishments as a competitor, he made a name for himself as a coach in Jiu Jitsu with American female Black Belt World Champion Hillary Williams, who achieved major titles in just 4 short years.  Additionally he pioneered a highly successful jiujitsu instructional app called and co created Illegal Leg Locks with Sambo National Champion Vlad Koulikov.  Roli still teaches 90% of the grappling classes at Westside.

Borris Washington

Borris combines old school toughness with a big teddy bear smile to make the boxing classes at Westside fun while incredibly challenging.

Coach Borris Washington

Borris has over 25 years experience in Martial Arts, beginning with a black belt in Taekwondo before moving on to Kickboxing under former World Champion Lafayette Lawson. In the Kickboxing Ring Borris won the Arkansas State Heavyweight Title, US Heavyweight Title and was ranked as high as #8 by the I.S.K.A. After retiring from Kickboxing Borris became a staple of the local boxing gyms. Borris has trained with the top coaches in the area and logged countless rounds with the best that Arkansas has to offer.

Known as a ferocious puncher and conditioning machine he is still a top sparring partner for up and coming fighters in the area; at 40+ Borris is truly a force of nature in and out of the ring.

TJ Brown

Coach TJ Brown

TJ Coaches Muay Thai Kickboxing and helps with the kids program at Westside. TJ is currently an aspiring MMA fighter that likes to give back by helping out the kids at the gym. TJ has competition experience in Boxing and MMA.

Mitchell Hall

Coach Mitch is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Roli Delgado. He is an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has several podium finishes as a black belt for the IBJJF as well as other local and regional competitions. Coach Mitch won the 2016 U.S. combat wrestling nationals earning him a spot on the US combat wrestling team where he represented The United States in Tamasi Hungary at the Combat wrestling world championships winning 3rd place. Coach Mitch assists with our kids classes as well as teaching our 6am Adult BJJ and Friday beginner BJJ. He is a loving father and Active member of the Arkansas Air National Guard.

Jeremiah Cullem

Jeremiah is a 26 year old professional mixed martial artist with 19 years of martial arts experience. Jeremiah started competing at a young age and feels it has helped mold him into the man he is today. Jeremiah aspires to teach every child the value of working toward there goals. Jeremiah loves fishing, RVing and considers himself a coffee connoisseur