Here at Westside we have an amazing and accomplished BJJ program with the GFTeam in Rio De Jenairo Brazil.  Many of our students are professional grapplers however we also have a fantastic beginners program.  Almost half of the states Black Belts train here at Westside MMA.  We have produced World Champions, Abu Dhabi competitors and dominated local grappling tournaments. but don’t be intimidated, our beginners classes will prepare you to be a formidable practitioner.  Most of our champions started with their first class on these mats, no different than you.   

Jiu Jitsu is a fantastic self-defense art and a big part of our MMA program, our schedule includes morning, lunch and evening classes and you can float between them at your discretion.  Majority of our students enjoy the health benefits and natural therapy that Jiu JItsu offers.  Like many of our programs, you will be forcing yourself to leave rather than trying to motivate yourself to workout.  One of the head coaches, Roli Delgado has taught BJJ seminars all over Europe and the U.S. and is one of the few Americans to ever teach seminars in Brazil.  He still teaches our beginners BJJ as well continuing the development of our veteran grapplers.  You can also learn amazing leg locks from Roli on his Digitsu instructionals.